Victor Osimhen salary progression through the years

Victor Osimhen salary progression through the years
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Victor Osimhen, the African Player of the Year, has not only left an indelible mark on the pitch but has also seen a significant progression in his salary over the years.

In Victor Osimhen latest news, the Nigerian forward inked a contract extension that solidified his commitment to Napoli until 2026.

This landmark deal not only extended his stay but brought about a substantial boost in his earnings, making him one of the highest-paid players in Serie A.

Contract extension and Victor Osimhen salary surge

Victor Osimhen of SSC Napoli celebrates the victory at the end of the Uefa Champions League match
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The contract extension signed by the 24-year-old was a testament to his exceptional contributions to Napoli's success.

With the new agreement in place, his annual salary soared, more than doubling to an impressive €12 million.

This substantial increase reflects not only his prolific goal-scoring record but also the club's acknowledgment of his pivotal role in securing the Serie A title during the previous season.

Osimhen's remarkable feat of netting 26 goals made him the first African player to claim the title of the Italian league's top goalscorer.

Victor Osimhen salary: Weekly and annual earnings

As of now, the Super Eagles player commands a weekly salary of €246,538 gross, solidifying his status as a top earner in Serie A.

Annually, his earnings reach an impressive €12,820,000 gross, attesting to the financial rewards that accompany his stellar performances on the field.

Victor Osimhen net worth: Career earnings and contract value

Victor Osimhen in action for Napoli
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Taking into account his entire playing career, Victor Osimhen's gross total earnings stand at a formidable €17,650,000.

With three years remaining on his current contract, the Nigerian striker is set to earn an estimated €38,460,000 gross in salary, showcasing not only his skillful play but also his value in the eyes of Napoli.

Victor Osimhen salary progression through the years

Victor Osimhen‘s salary progression over the years stands as a testament to his remarkable journey and achievements in football.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 season at Wolfsburg with a weekly salary of €4,231 and annual earnings of €250,454, the Nigerian's financial trajectory has witnessed a substantial ascent.

As he transitioned to different clubs, including Charleroi and Lille, his income steadily increased, reaching a significant milestone upon joining Napoli.

His most recent contract extension in December 2023 saw his weekly salary more than double.

Victor Osimhen salary progression mirrors his rise to stardom and underlines the recognition of his invaluable contributions to the football world.

Here is a breakdown of Victor Osimhen salary by season, with figures adjusted for inflation to the 2023 EUR:

2022-2023 24 Napoli €104,808 €5,450,000 €5,450,000
2021-2022 23 Napoli €98,654 €5,130,000 €5,130,000
2020-2021 21 Napoli €98,654 €5,130,000 €5,550,726
2019-2020 20 Lille €25,000 €1,300,000 €1,390,356
2018-2019 19 Charleroi €3,654 €190,000 €214,897
2018-2019 19 Wolfsburg €4423 €230,000 €230,000
2017-2018 18 Wolfsburg €4423 €230,000 €257,380
2016-2017 17 Wolfsburg €4,231 €220,454 €250,454
TOTAL €18,243,813

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