Video: Romelu Lukaku Donates €100,000 To Coronavirus Crisis

Inter forward Romelu Lukaku has made a sizeable donation to help the San Raffaele hospital in Milan during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Guardian, the north of Italy a 24-hour record in deaths on Friday after 627 more people died in the country which in turn has tragically raised the total number to 4,032.

It is a difficult time for the entire world as cases and death tolls continue to rise in countries across the globe, but Italy have now had more deaths than in China, where the virus is said to have originated.

With so many cases to deal with, the hospitals in Italy are undoubtedly coming under heavy pressure and stress during this difficult time, and the Belgian international has done his part to help.

He has confirmed that he is donating €100,000 to the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, and has called on his followers to offer their help too.

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It’s a classy gesture from the 26-year-old as with most of northern Italy on lockdown, he has given his assistance in the best way he possibly can right now to get help to the doctors and nurses who need it most.

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