What are the most classic matches in World Cup history?

What are the most classic matches in World Cup history?

The World Cup is the biggest tournament, where the strongest teams gather, it's a unique and extremely vibrant football festival.

What else?

It's also your chance to enjoy classy performances, from the world's top superstars.

And above all, the dramatic, attractive, emotional matches are an indispensable “spice” in the biggest football festival on the planet.

Read this article to see what are arguably the best classics matches in World Cup history. 

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Uruguay 2-1 Brazil (World Cup 1950)

In the 1950s, the World Cup had 4 groups, the top team in each group would advance to the final round.

The home team Brazil has a great chance to win the championship, after winning jubilantly over Sweden and Spain with the scores 7-1, 6-1.

They only need to hold a draw against Uruguay in the last match to become the new king of the tournament.

However, tragedy happened to the Samba dancers. The Estadio do Maracana Stadium became a real mecca that day, when nearly two hundred thousand Selecao fans came to the field, cheering for their beloved team.

Entering the match with a fiery atmosphere, along with the passionate support of the fans, Friaca (Brazil) scored the lead for the home team after just half an hour.

Everything went well, and almost the world gold cup belonged to the Selecao. However, the last 25 minutes of the game turned into a nightmare for the players in yellow and blue.

In turn, Juan Alberto Schiaffino and then Alcides Ghiggia scored to help La Celeste to win the final with a score of 2-1. It was one of the most memorable defeats in the glorious history of Brazilian football. However, Samba fans were not disappointed too long, when the Selecao won the championship three times in the next five World Cups.

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England 4-2 West Germany (World Cup 1966)

The 8th biggest football festival on the planet is held in the home of the king sport, England.

That was when the Three Lions launched a series of their good players, like Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore… With his talented team of players, coach Ramsey's team took a step forward to the final.

And in that dream match, the British faced one of the most powerful teams at that time: West Germany.

The climactic message became dramatic and tense in the 101st minute when Geoff Hurst scored from the shot that gave the Three Lions a 3-2 lead. It was a controversial goal when the ball hit the crossbar and fell to the ground, but not past the line.

West Germany rallied in the meagre remaining time, but Hurst once again became the hero of the match, fixing the score 4-2 for the British.

Until now, Mannschaft, still thought that the invalid goal in the 101st minute was the turning point of the match, they lost but failed.

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Brazil 1-0 England (World Cup 1970)

Coming to the 9th biggest football festival on the planet, Brazil is in the team of superstars such as Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, Carlos Alberto… Meanwhile, the champions of England are not believed by many people, and will successfully secure my championship 4 years ago.

The classic match between Selecao and the Three Lions in the group stage, witnessed many unforgettable moments. Gordon Banks's superb save against Pele's dangerous header is a typical testament.

Jairzinho slammed the ball on the right flank, before passing on to the high-level Pele headed for the right corner of the England goal. 

Banks is standing in the centre of the goal, lightning-fast, flying and punching the ball, rejecting the “King of Soccer” masterpiece. An incredible save to the amazement of the Brazilian legend.

“I've never seen such a classy break,” said Pele in her memoir. Bobby Moore also denied Jairzinho's chance to score in an attacking situation on the right flank.

Efforts from the defence, which helped the Three Lions avoid a dramatic defeat, although in the 59th minute Jairzinho scored the only goal in the epic match. Selecao then took the throne deservedly, when convincing 4-1 win over Italy in the final.

Uruguay 1-1 Ghana (Uruguay won 4-2 in penalty shootout)

Ghana created one of the big surprises of the tournament that took place in South Africa eight years ago.

Good performance, with the same team of players, the African team passed the qualifying round and round of 16. In the quarterfinal match, they faced Uruguay.

Ghana took the lead from Muntari's 30-meter long shot. 55 minutes into the game, star Diego Forlan equalized for Uruguay from a melancholy free-kick.

The Kingson goalkeeper, though very excellent, was helpless to see the home team conceding. The result of a 1-1 draw remains the same until the end of the match.

Two extra-time goals took place in favour of Ghana, but the well-organized Uruguay defence did not give the opponent many chances to score.

Gyan missed the chance to finish off La Celeste with a missed penalty kick in the last minute of extra time.

Entering the 11-meter series of brains, the representative from South America showed more bravery when he won the final with a score of 4-2.

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Netherlands 5-1 Spain (World Cup 2014)

The champions of the tournament entered a strong battle against their own opponents in the final four years ago.

A beneficial outcome for La Furia was predicted by many early on. Spain started off quite smoothly when Xabi Aloso scored from an 11m free-kick.

However, things started to change in the 44th minute, star Robin Van Persie hit the net with Iker Casillas after a classic flight.

Regaining the spirit after the equalizer table, in the second half, The orange tornado showed its strength with 4 consecutive goals.

In turn, Robben, Stefan de Vrij, Van Persie scored a 5-1 victory for Oranje (Robben, Van Persie made a double).

Hopefully, this article will help you discover classic soccer matches in World Cup history.

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