When is the African Football League draw? All you need to know

When is the African Football League draw? All you need to know
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Stay updated on the eagerly anticipated African Football League draw!

Discover the scheduled date for the draw of this thrilling event and get ready to witness the unfolding of matchups that will define the upcoming football excitement across Africa.

The AFL promises to be a groundbreaking event that will shape the continent's football landscape, bringing together top-tier teams in a battle for supremacy.

African Football League draw date: Mark your calendars

On September 2, 2023, football enthusiasts, analysts, and fans alike will come together to witness a momentous occasion – the AFL draw. The draw is scheduled to commence at 4:00GMT, translating to 5:00pm in Nigeria.

This strategic timing aims to engage fans from different time zones, ensuring a global audience for this remarkable event.

The majestic venue: Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, the capital city of Egypt and a historic hub for African football, is chosen as the site for the AFL draw. As the headquarters of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Cairo carries an air of significance and heritage within the football community.

The iconic city's selection as the backdrop for the draw adds an extra layer of prestige to the event, emphasizing the CAF's commitment to elevating African football.

African Football League fixture structure

African Football League
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The structure of the inaugural AFL competition is designed to ignite excitement and showcase the prowess of African football clubs.

The competition kicks off with knock-out quarter-finals, followed by intense semi-finals and culminating in a high-stakes final, all played over two legs.

This format ensures that every team has the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on their home turf as well as in unfamiliar territory.

A clash of titans: Representing African excellence

The African Football League has gathered eight of Africa's most esteemed and accomplished teams, representing the three African Regional Blocks: North Region, Central-West Region, and South-East Region.

The North Region is represented by football giants Al Ahly Football Club from Egypt, Espérance Sportive de Tunis from Tunisia, and Wydad Athletic Club from Morocco.

The Central-West Region boasts Nigeria's Enyimba Football Club and the Democratic Republic of Congo's Tout Puissant Mazembe.

From the South-East Region, we have Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club from South Africa, Atlético Petróleos de Luanda from Angola, and Simba Sports Club from Tanzania.

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