Behrami – Osimhen or Lautaro Martinez? I pick…

Behrami – Osimhen or Lautaro Martinez? I pick…
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In the world of football, debates about the prowess of players are as common as the sport itself.

The latest topic of discussion revolves around two formidable forwards, Victor Osimhen and Lautaro Martinez, as former Serie A star Valon Behrami shares his insights.

Behrami, having played for clubs like Napoli and Fiorentina, recently weighed in on the Scudetto aspirations of Inter Milan, expressing his thoughts on the capabilities of Osimhen and Martinez.

Let's delve into Behrami's perspective and dissect the statistics that pit Osimhen against Martinez in the 2023 season.

Behrami's verdict: Osimhen or Lautaro Martinez? The debate unveiled

Victor Osimhen for Napoli
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Valon Behrami, a seasoned footballer with a wealth of experience in Italian football, recently shared his perspective on Inter Milan's pursuit of the Scudetto.

According to the former footballer, it seems only logical for Inter to set their sights on the Serie A title after so many years.

He emphasized the obligation for Inter to win, given the team's perceived superiority over others.

Behrami questioned why there is only one goal when coach Inzaghi has a squad of Inter's caliber at his disposal.

Behrami further delved into individual player assessments, particularly focusing on the 2023 African Player of the Year.

He praised Osimhen's versatility, highlighting the Nigerian striker's ability to play in various positions.

Behrami went on to express his belief that the Nigerian's qualities make him more suitable for international football, despite acknowledging The Argentinian's extraordinary performances.

“Osimhen can play anywhere, Lautaro in some contexts his qualities would not come out.”

“While Lautaro is performing exceptionally well, I believe Osimhen is better suited for international football.”

One intriguing factor for Behrami is the role Martinez plays for the national team, where he doesn't always feature as a starter—a point that adds complexity to the comparison.

Osimhen vs Lautaro Martinez – 2023 stats compared

Lautaro Martinez of FC Internazionale looks on during the UEFA Champions League
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In the head-to-head comparison of Victor and Lautaro's 2023 statistics, the goal-scoring prowess of both strikers is evident.

Osimhen, the 2022/23 Serie A top goal-scorer who participated in 42 games, found the back of the net an impressive 29 times and contributed with 5 assists.

His goal-scoring efficiency and ability to create opportunities highlight his impact on the field.

On the other hand, Lautaro, having played 57 games, notched up an impressive 36 goals and provided 9 assists.

In the ongoing 2023/24 season, Inter's captain has showcased his goal-scoring prowess and playmaking abilities in 22 games, scoring 17 goals and providing 4 assists.

Meanwhile, the Napoli player, playing 16 games, has contributed 8 goals and 3 assists.

The Argentine forward's goal tally showcases his clinical finishing, while his playmaking abilities contribute to a well-rounded attacking presence.

The statistical breakdown underscores the remarkable performances of both Osimhen and Lautaro in the 2023 season.

The goal-scoring numbers reflect their significance as key contributors to their respective teams.

The ongoing debate of Osimhen versus Lautaro Martinez has been fueled by Behrami's insightful remarks and the statistical breakdown of their performances in 2023.

As football enthusiasts continue to weigh the merits of these two talented forwards, the choice between Osimhen and Martinez becomes subjective, influenced by individual preferences and interpretations of their playing styles.

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