Football Viewing Centre: Requirements And How To Set It Up

Football Viewing Centre: Requirements And How To Set It Up

I got this mail from one of my readers. The mail was titled: How Can I Setup Football Viewing Center With 150k? So I thought I should just make an article on football viewing centre plan.

Now here is the content of the mail below:

“I was doing some findings online on football viewing centres in Nigeria, then I saw your site.

“So I wanna ask, how I can Use 150k to set up a viewing centre? I only have a Small generator at hand now.”

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How To Setup football viewing center business in Nigeria

That’s the mail, the summary of which he wants to know is how to set up his own football viewing center business in Nigeria.

Don’t forget, the reader has only 150k (One hundred & fifty thousand Naira).

What I told him?

Of course, I didn’t want to discourage him, so I told him he could always start small and then expand as time goes on.

I listed what his 150k could achieve namely getting a plasma TV.

One should suffice for the now.

And I think he could get a big one for about 50k – (fairly used of course).

With the remaining 100k, he could buy DSTV from a seller who is tired of his, get a small space and do a little set up as well as a couple of benches.

As for advertisement, just get a board and write the day’s fixtures on it and position it outside where your viewing centre is located.

I’m sure if he followed all I said, by now many people must already be gathered in his viewing centre.

It’s just a matter of time, the money will come, trust me.

BUT, there’s s BIG BUT….

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If you really want to break even in the football viewing centre business, you’ll need more than 1 television set.

Let me now touch on feasibility study on football viewing centre.

Imagine if all the big matches are played simultaneously, how do you satisfy your customers? What do you think will happen?

I’ll whisper it to you, (whispers) you will lose customers to your competitors!

Now here’s the deal.

The least that will happen is that you’ll need between 300k –  500K to realistically set up a football viewing centre in Nigeria.

Before I give you the financial breakdown here are the major things you need to start a football viewing center (in Nigeria of course)

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  • A printed ticket or coupons to know customers who have paid
  • A freezer for those who want to add an extra income stream by selling cold soft drinks (I will explain this below)
  • Extension sockets so your customers can charge their phones for free
  • Two to three big television sets with high resolution or projectors
  • DSTV dish with monthly subscription
  • A good generator (there's hardly any business in Nigeria that you won't add this item)
  • Air freshener
  • Standing fans, ceiling fans, and if you are a ‘big boy' you can install an air conditioner to make your customers comfortable
  • Carpet/tiles
  • Wooden benches or plastic chairs, as long as your customers can sit.

See the financial breakdown below:

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Cost of Setting Up Football Viewing Centre

  • Flat Screen – 50k x 3 = 150,000
  • Decoder – 14,000 x3 = 42k (Excluding Subscriptions). See DStv subscription for viewing centres.
  • Furniture – 50 – 100,000
  • Shop or Space – 150,000 – 300,000 (Depending on location)

Please note that all the prices quoted here are subject to change with the inflation rate in Nigeria skyrocketing.

Also, the prices may differ by location.

As you grow in this business, think of how you can make your football viewing center conducive and comfortable for your customers.

Comfortable customers always return.

Let me give you extra tips on how you can earn extra money from your football viewing centre.

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How to earn extra money from your football viewing center

These are a list of other stuff you can also do to make extra income apart from just showing football:


You can set up a betting shop right inside, or outside your viewing center, it will help you earn more money.


You should sell food and drinks, it can serve as a form of entertaining them while they watch the matches.


Whenever there is no football match to show, you can use your viewing center as a gaming house for popular ones like FIFA and PES.

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When those popular clubs go on break, especially after a full season, will you just be looking and cleaning cobwebs in your viewing centre?

My brother, better convert your viewing center to a mini cinema for the time being.

You can't charge as standard cinemas do, hope you know that?

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