Italy Serie A prediction – Osimhen the clear Golden Boot favourite

Italy Serie A prediction – Osimhen the clear Golden Boot favourite
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As the 2023-24 Serie A season looms on the horizon, the excitement is palpable, heralding not only the intense race for the prestigious Scudetto but also the captivating contest for the coveted Capocannoniere title.

Making an Italy Serie A prediction becomes an intriguing puzzle as we reflect on last season's Victor Osimhen, where he emerged as the undisputed victor, his exceptional tally of goals propelling Napoli to their long-cherished Scudetto success.

Lautaro Martinez, the valiant contender from Inter Milan, closely trailed with an impressive 21 goals to his name. Meanwhile, Ciro Immobile, a four-time winner, delivered a relatively modest campaign with 12 goals for Lazio.

Serie A top goalscorers: 2022-23 season 

Position Player Goals xG Minutes Played
1st Victor Osimhen 26 21.38 2,582
2nd Lautaro Martinez 21 18.22 2,576
3rd Boulaye Dia 16 8.82 2,527
4th Rafael Leao 15 11.2 2,431
5th Olivier Giroud 13 12.94 2,146
= M’Bala Nzola 13 11.91 2,743
= Ademola Lookman 13 9.07 1,734
8th Paulo Dybala 12 9.27 1,750
= Domenico Berardi 12 11.44 1,871
= Ciro Immobile 12 14.23 2,228

Yet, as anticipation builds, the burning question for Italy Serie A prediction remains: who will seize the Serie A golden boot in the upcoming 2023-24 season? The answer promises to unveil yet another chapter in the captivating tale of Italian football excellence.

Italy Serie A prediction: Osimhen the 2023-24 Golden Boot favourite

One player who has not only left an indelible mark on the league but has also etched his name into history – Osimhen.

The Nigerian sensation, hailed as a true trailblazer, has emerged as the front-runner for the prestigious Golden Boot award, setting the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating season.

Osimhen's meteoric rise to prominence was solidified in the previous season as he clinched the Scudetto for Napoli with an impressive tally of 26 goals. His exploits on the pitch were nothing short of spectacular, as he propelled his team to a long-awaited triumph. This remarkable achievement not only secured Napoli's glory but also established Osimhen as a force to be reckoned with, garnering attention from fans and pundits alike.

In a historic turn of events, the Super Eagles forward has become the first African player to claim the illustrious Italian Serie A Golden Boot award in its 125-year history.

This milestone achievement adds an extraordinary layer of significance to his journey, elevating him to a unique pedestal among the league's legendary goal-scorers. As a beacon of inspiration, Osimhen's triumph serves as a testament to his exceptional skill, unwavering determination, and the transformative power of dedication.

Osimhen's opening five 2023/24 Serie A fixtures

  • Frosinone (A)
  • Sassuolo (H)
  • Lazio (H)
  • Genoa (A)
  • Bologna (A)

Osimhen finds himself with a favorable beginning to the upcoming season, as Napoli's opening fixtures include just one encounter against last season's top six, facing Lazio at the Diego Maradona Stadium.

With the home advantage, expectations are high for Napoli to secure a victory, and Osimhen's scoring prowess will likely play a pivotal role.

Additionally, two matches against newly-promoted sides add to the early challenges the Nigerian will navigate in the opening five games. As the spotlight shines brightly, the pressure mounts for Osimhen to set the tone with a strong start, shouldering the responsibility of leading Napoli's forward line to success.

Season Target

With the new season on the horizon, Osimhen faces a formidable challenge in his quest to defend his Serie A Golden Boot. The road ahead promises to be arduous, with fierce competition vying for the prestigious title.

Yet, Osimhen's determination remains unwavering. Fueled by a resolute commitment to his craft, he stands firm in his resolve to uphold his hard-earned crown.

The season target for the Napoli striker is crystal clear: to overcome challenges, leaving an indelible mark once again as the league's most prolific goal-scorer and aiding Napoli in their pursuit of defending the Serie A trophy.

As the 2023-24 Serie A season unfolds, all eyes are on Napoli's front line leader, the history-making sensation who has transcended borders to leave an enduring legacy.

His journey not only symbolizes the zenith of athletic achievement but also represents the culmination of dreams and aspirations.

With Osimhen as the clear favorite for the Golden Boot, the stage is set for a captivating season, where the pursuit of greatness will unfold with each electrifying match.

In making an Italy Serie A prediction, one thing is certain: the 2023-24 season will be defined by Osimhen's relentless pursuit of glory and the unwavering support of fans who witness history in the making.

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