Learn To Control Your Emotions – Spalleti Warns Osimhen After Sunday’s Red Card

Control Your Emotions -Spalleti Warns Osimhen After Sunday’s Red Card

Napoli manager, Luciano Spalletti has issued a stern warning to Super Eagles striker, Victor Osimhen after he was red-carded on Sunday.

The Nigerian international was given the matching order by centre referee, Gianluca Aureliano for shoving Venezia midfielder Daan Heymans in the face during a corner kick struggle.

Although Napoli later won the encounter 2-0, Spalleti in a chat with ilnapolista.it was unhappy with the striker's attitude.

He warned that he should learn to control his emotions in subsequent games.

“Osimhen’s expulsion? He has to be careful of his emotional reactions. He is a strong attacker and all the defenders will try to help themselves by limiting his physical exuberance,” Spalletti said according to ilnapolista.it.

“He will always have his hands on the defenders. He must be careful. The referee was very correct when he explained to me what he saw.”

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