Premier League Winners List: Who won the first Premier League?

Premier League Winners List: Who won the first Premier League?
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The list of English Premier League winners and who won the first Premier League is important for knowledge, especially for fans of the most watched league in the world.

The Premier League is the top-flight tournament in English football and has been around for many years, but before we take you to the list of winners and who won the first Premier League, let's look at when the competition was created first and foremost.

When was the Premier League founded?

What we know today as the English Premier League was the English Football League which began in 1888. The first team to win the title in its inaugural year was Preston North End, and they did so without losing a match throughout the season; they were the invincibles of the English Football League in 1888.

Manchester City celebrate with the EPL title
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It operated under that name until 1992 when it was renamed the FA Premier League. The FA Premier League was founded in 1992, with 22 clubs involved in the First Division breaking away from the Football League.

The initial season involved 19 teams directly from the First Division and three teams from the Second Division. From the 1993-94 campaign, the teams earning promotion to the Premier League would come from the First Division instead of the Second Division that was discontinued in 1992. From the 1995-96 season, the Premier League operated with 20 teams.

The edition saw two teams earn promotion from the First Division (now second-tier), but it would revert to a format where three teams would be promoted. Prior to the start of the 2004-05 Premier League season, the First Division would be renamed as the Football League Championship. 

In all, 50 clubs have played in the Premier League. While 48 teams are based in England, two (Cardiff City and Swansea City) are located in Wales. Some of these teams have won the league on multiple occasions, while some have triumphed once and many others are still gunning for their first win. But which team actually won the first EPL title!

Who won the first Premier League title?

Sir Alex Ferguson with the Premier League title for Man United
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Legendary Alex Ferguson ended Manchester United's 26-year wait for a top-flight title in the inaugural Premier League season of 1992/93. The Red Devils maintained a 10-point advantage in the title race and finished ahead of Aston Villa to win the first Premier League title in history.

Mark Hughes finished as the top scorer for Manchester United as he scored 15 goals in 41 games, with teammates Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona and Brian McNair netting nine goals each to produce one of the most one-sided league title wins ever. Ferguson went on to enjoy unprecedented success over the next two decades, winning a total of 13 PL titles until his retirement at the end of the 2012/13 campaign.

Which clubs have won the Premier League?

There have been just seven different Premier League winners in history: Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Blackburn, Leicester City and Liverpool, with the Anfield side being the last team to claim a maiden Premier League crown which they won in 2020.

Liverpool celebrate their first Premier League title
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List of Premier League Winners

The list comprises of the Premier League winners starting from 1993 to 2023, and the English Football League winners from 1888 to 1992.

YEAR               WINNER

2023:               Manchester City

2022:               Manchester City

2021:               Manchester City

2020:               Liverpool FC               

2019:               Manchester City                    

2018:               Manchester City                    

2017:               Chelsea FC                 

2016:               Leicester City             

2015:               Chelsea FC                 

2014:               Manchester City                    

Manchester United with the 2010-11 Premier League title
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2013:               Manchester United                

2012:               Manchester City                    

2011:               Manchester United    

2010:               Chelsea FC                 

2009:               Manchester United                

2008:               Manchester United                

2007:               Manchester United                

2006:               Chelsea FC                 

2005:               Chelsea FC                 

2004:               Arsenal FC                  

2003:               Manchester United                

2002:               Arsenal FC                  

2001:               Manchester United                

2000:               Manchester United                

1999:               Manchester United                

1998:               Arsenal FC                  

1997:               Manchester United                

1996:               Manchester United                

1995:               Blackburn Rovers                   

1994:               Manchester United                

1993:               Manchester United 

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1992:               Leeds United              

1991:               Arsenal FC                  

1990:               Liverpool FC               

1989:               Arsenal FC                  

1988:               Liverpool FC               

1987:               Everton FC                  

1986:               Liverpool FC               

1985:               Everton FC                  

1984:               Liverpool FC               

1983:               Liverpool FC               

1982:               Liverpool FC               

1981:               Aston Villa                  

1980:               Liverpool FC               

1979:               Liverpool FC               

1978:               Nottingham Forest                 

1977:               Liverpool FC               

1976:               Liverpool FC               

1975:               Derby County             

1974:               Leeds United              

1973:               Liverpool FC               

1972:               Derby County             

1971:               Arsenal FC                  

1970:               Everton FC                  

1969:               Leeds United              

1968:               Manchester City                    

1967:               Manchester United                

1966:               Liverpool FC               

1965:               Manchester United                

1964:               Liverpool FC               

1963:               Everton FC                  

1961:               Tottenham Hotspur                

1960:               Burnley FC                  

1959:               Wolverhampton Wanderers              

1958:               Wolverhampton Wanderers              

1957:               Manchester United                

1956:               Manchester United                

1955:               Chelsea FC    

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1954:               Wolverhampton Wanderers              

1953:               Arsenal FC                  

1952:               Manchester United                

1951:               Tottenham Hotspur                

1950:               Portsmouth FC                       

1949:               Portsmouth FC                       

1948:               Arsenal FC                  

1947:               Liverpool FC               

1939:               Everton FC                  

1938:               Arsenal FC                  

1937:               Manchester City                    

1936:               Sunderland AFC                      

1935:               Arsenal FC                  

1934:               Arsenal FC                  

1933:               Arsenal FC                  

1932:               Everton FC                  

1931:               Arsenal FC                  

1930:               Sheffield Wednesday             

1929:               The Wednesday FC                

1928:               Everton FC                  

1927:               Newcastle United                   

1926:               Huddersfield Town                 

1925:               Huddersfield Town                 

1924:               Huddersfield Town                 

1923:               Liverpool FC               

1922:               Liverpool FC               

1921:               Burnley FC                  

1920:               West Bromwich Albion                      

1915:               Everton FC                  

1914:               Blackburn Rovers                   

1913:               Sunderland AFC                      

1912:               Blackburn Rovers                   

1911:               Manchester United                

1910:               Aston Villa                  

1909:               Newcastle United                   

1908:               Manchester United                

1907:               Newcastle United                   

1906:               Liverpool FC               

1905:               Newcastle United                   

1904:               The Wednesday FC                

1903:               The Wednesday FC                

1902:               Sunderland AFC                      

1901:               Liverpool FC               

1900:               Aston Villa                  

1899:               Aston Villa                  

1898:               Sheffield United                     

1897:               Aston Villa                  

1896:               Aston Villa                  

1895:               Sunderland AFC                      

1894:               Aston Villa                  

1893:               Sunderland AFC                      

1892:               Sunderland AFC                      

1891:               Everton FC                  

1890:               Preston North End                  

1889:               Preston North End                  

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