Nairabet Agent: Full Details Of Registration And Commission

Nairabet Agent: Full Details Of Registration And Commission

I have had so many people contacting me to give them details on how to become an agent with Nairabet so they can and start making money too this year.

Answering everyone one after the other became tiring so I had to put up this post to give show you all the requirements needed to be an Nairabet agent.

The process is easy as long as you have the necessary requirements which basically includes a shop, computer, thermal printer and a registration fee.

If you have all these available then you stand a chance of starting this business.

You will need to have all these in place before they would give you permission to act as an agent in your area of choice.

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How To Become A Nairabet Agent

Nairabet categorize their agents into three which are Nairabet mobile/online agent, shop agent, and Nairabet affiliate agent. You can choose your preference when you login or run the three together.

As a mobile agent, you only need their mobile betting device. And if you can decide to rent a shop, build a kiosk or just move around to collect bets from customers, it’s all good and well.

To become a Nairabet agent shop, you will need to fill this Nairabet Agent Registration Form and click on Submit.

But there are some requirements that you must have.

See the requirements below:

1. Betting Shop

You will need a shop for this business. Abi you wan carry punters go your house go stake their bet? The shop is your point of sale with customers as they will come to you to stake bet. There you will print their betting slip using the Nairabet app and thermal printer.

2. License Fees

Nairabet agent license fee is required. My brother no be free! Free things are hardly good stuff. You will have to pay the Nairabet license fee of ₦50,000 before you get the go ahead nod to become an agent. (This registration/franchise fee is subject to change )

3. Computer/Laptop

You will need a computer or PC to enable you work with Nairabet betting software which is given to their licensed agent. You will need a computer system to stake bets for your customers.

4. Thermal Printer

Thermal printer is a small printer that prints small paper slip and is needed to print Nairabet betting slip. Normal computer printer which prints on A4 papers can’t be used. You know that paper receipt you get from ATM Machines after withdrawal? It’s something like that just that this one is bigger than the ATM machine paper.

If you are lucky, Nairabet may give you one for free or for at a very subsidized rate.

5. Television for virtual games

6. A power supply (PHCN) and a standby generator

7. An internet connection

There are some personal documents required such as:

  • Proof of address of the potential bet shop (Utility Bill)
  • A valid means of ID such as Voter’s card, National passport, National ID, Drivers license, etc.
  • Interior and Exterior photos of your shop

Those are the main requirements to get started.

Consider you’re the fund in your pocket before making that move to be an agent with Nairabet.

Also, if there is any Nairabet shop close to where you want yours situated, they may not grant you licence. Try renting shop maybe on the next street or area.

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Nairabet Agent Commission

As for Nairabet agent commission percentage, you are paid 50% of total profit made from the bets customers stake, i.e. 50% commission on winnings made from your customers.

In other words, after deducting the total bets your customers have won. It’s from the remaining balance you will earn the 50% commission.

As a shop agent, you get 50% of the profits you make while online agent earns 7.5% of the total amount credited for a customer. Whether or not the customer uses the funds to win or lose, that doesn’t affect your earnings.

Here’s how commissions are calculated for agents:

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How Commissions Are Calculated For Agents

1. Prematch (Board Game)

Commissions on prematch (board game) are calculated based on stake, and paid on a weekly basis. Weekly Commissions are determined by stake and number of selections and ranges from 1% for a single selection to 30% for 30 selections and above on accumulator.

2. Virtuals

The commission on virtual games is on stake and it is paid weekly too.

For Soccer, Cup and League, the percentage of commission depends on the number of selections made by the customer, as outlined below:

Selections       –           Commission %

1          –           2%

2-3       –           4%

4-6       –           6%

7-10     –           8%

Therefore, the more games are played, the higher the commission you earn. It’s a win-win situation for all.

However, for bets on other virtual games like horse races, dog races, numbers and all others, the commission is usually at a flat rate of 5%.

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3. Virtuals Weekly Bonus

There is a weekly bonus on virtual sales, which will not be considered in calculating your remuneration.

See calculation below:

Virtual Sales Bonus (Calculated And Paid Weekly)

Total Stake Amount                            Bonus Amont

From ₦250,000            =                      ₦ 1,000

From ₦300,000            =                      ₦ 1,500

From ₦500,000            =                      ₦ 5,000

From ₦1,000,000         =                      ₦ 10,000

From ₦1,500,000         =                      ₦ 15,000

From ₦2,000,000         =                      ₦ 20,000

From ₦ 3,000,000 and above=            ₦ 30,000

4. Bonus Computation

Bonus computation is 35% of Total GGR (4 or 5 weeks commission received), as long as ₦100,000 stake and 600 bet-count is reached.

Those are the 4 ways the commissions you earn as an agent are calculated.

What are the benefits of a Nairabet agent?

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Benefits Of A Nairabet Agent

  • The more betting place in your shop or on your mobile, the more income you will earn.
  • You will get 50% of the profit that you make
  • A free business training will be available for you, so you can run a very profitable and successful adventure
  • You will make a 30 percent commission for every bet placed in your shop
  • Free gifts, promotion, and souvenirs will be given to you from Nairabet
  • You will receive a free virtual game decoder
  • Betting credit will be given to you, for your startup as soon as possible.

There is no limit to how much you can earn as a Nairabet agent.

Just like in every other business, the sports betting business also depends on your hard work and determination to succeed.

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Also try and contact Nairabet customer service to get more details on latest update concerning their agent requirements.

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