Bet9ja Agent Registration: Form, Fess, Requirements, Commission Explained

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You want to know about the Bet9ja agent registration?

There are many best betting sites in Nigeria, but Bet9ja is the most innovative on the market.

Yes, I said it, and nobody paid me to!


Of course, because Bet9ja Nigeria works with professionals who create the top betting sites in Nigeria conditions and all the winnings are real. Everyone can bet and withdraw money directly to their debit/credit card.  If you want to know how to deposit on bet9ja then read further. 

Also the type of bets they offer are wider in range than many other sites available in Nigeria, like anytime goalscorer bet9ja bets. 

You can ask around, thousands of winners make small and huge withdrawals every day, so it’s not a case of scam. The secret of bet9ja is the trust the platform has gathered through these years. 

The companies branches are spread in every nook and cranny of Nigeria and still counting…

Since they are still expanding, they are obviously looking for agents from all over Naija to facilitate this expansion.

So, are you interested in becoming a Bet9ja agent?

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Bet9ja Agent Registration

With Bet9ja, you get the chance to run your own business and what you’d be involved in is promoting a tried-and-tested product. But you should be aware of the Bet9ja rules and regulations before you step into it. 

It’s that simple. Seriously.

But have you yourself registered on Bet9ja?

You want to become an agent but don't have your own Betnaija account? How then will you understand what your customers are talking about?!


How to become a Bet9ja agent or Virtual Agent

Bet9ja agent, Virtual agent: both terms are more or less the same thing.

So don’t get yourself worked up trying to figure out the difference.

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Here are the steps to become Bet9ja Agent.

Before I go on, I'll like to know if you know how to fund Bet9ja account using Quickteller?

If you don't, I'll advise you to study the extensive article I wrote on it, because you'll need it for your customers when you become an agent for Betnaija.

Now let me go on with showing what to do and how to become a Bet9ja agent or Virtual Agent.

  • The first step is to fill the Bet9ja agent registration form at the web page
  • Submit the form
  • Acquire a business site/centre (office space or hall)
  • Submit all relevant documents (as requested) to the designated Bet9ja staff in your area
  • Upon submission, your document and location would be reviewed
  • If you pass the documentation stage, a representative of Bet9ja would reach out and engage you in what is called “introductory conversation”
  • This is basically an interview, so you don’t have to panic
  • If the “introductory conversation” is deemed satisfactory, your proposed business or office space would be subject to physical verification (by a team of Bet9ja reps)
  • Once everything is in place (as required), you would be offered a contract (as an agent)
  • Sign the contract, provided you are satisfied with the binding terms and conditions
  • After putting pen to paper, you are now officially a Bet9ja super agent

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After the whole registration and verification process, the company will provide you with all the materials needed to get you up and running.

That doesn’t include basic office equipment like computer systems (laptop or desktop, TV sets and others.

Alright, let me just tell you, some of the things you’ll be provided includes Bet9ja banner (for advert placements) and thermal receipt printers and a couple other stuff, like an introduction on how to play bet9ja etc;

Once this is set, you can then open your Bet9ja shop and start earning.

But do you have any idea on how to open a bet Naija shop? Let me do a quick rundown on that.


How to open a bet Naija shop

To open a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria, you will need to rent a shop.

And if you have one that you built yourself, fine. But can it accommodate at least eight cashiers?

If it can’t then rent one that can.

Or you could start smaller.

But I put it to you that in a very short time you will be looking for a bigger shop for your Betnaija business.

That space should be sufficient enough to take up to at least 4 32-inch-LCD TVs.

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Things needed for bet9ja shop

I’m sure you are not expecting to open a shop and just sit inside an empty office. You will need some working tools to operate with and they include but not limited to the following:

  1. PCs (Laptops or Desktops),
  2. Electric Power or Generators,
  3. TV sets,
  4. Fans,
  5. Benches,
  6. Sockets etc.
  7. You need stable internet connectivity to run this business successfully.
  8. You need to pay a signup fee of ₦50,000 to Bet9ja (I will discuss this further in the course of this article) after which you will be given some items. I spoke about them earlier but let me outline them again:
  • A Bet9ja Banner to advertise your business to passers-by
  • You will also be given a  chance to open a new account with Bet9ja Lotto on the Bet9ja platform, upon payment of a registration fee
  • Thermal receipt printers. That is a set of POS-80 units which come with a roll of paper.

How much does it cost to start a bet9ja shop?

In a nutshell, and from the foregoing, at least ₦500,000 will be needed as well as to become their agent too.  Your location could vary the capital needed.

Note: Do not open a Bet9ja shop yet until you have been authorized to do so.

Bet9Ja Agent Registration Fee

Registering as a Bet9ja agent is not moi moi.

You are wondering why you need to pay a fee?

Simple. To separate the serious from the unserious would-be agent.

That's why there is a registration fee to cover for the rigorous registration, documentation and verification processes.

Currently, Bet9ja agent registration fee cost ₦50,000. Let me write that in words so there’s no confusion: (Fifty thousand Naira) only.

It’s the same fee across Nigeria, no quota system in this one.

But if eventually, you are successful with your registration and eventually get the contract, you would soon forget the pain of paying ₦50,000 because you are sure to start enjoying the dividend – not of democracy o – but of being a Bet9ja agent.

Basic requirements for Bet9ja agent

Of course, you should expect that there’ll be certain attributes – physical, intellectual and financial – which you as an aspiring Bet9ja agent must possess, before being considered.

But what are those requirement? I have outlined them below:

  • Broad knowledge of sports (preferably in football)
  • Customer management and excellent communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of the betting industry terminologies (odds, stakes, earnings and so on)
  • An aesthetically appealing shop, preferably located in a densely populated area
  • A startup capital; minimum of ₦50,000 for agent registration
  • Basic knowledge of business
  • Open and friendly attitude, ability to communicate
  • Self-motivation and hard-working

Benefits Of Becoming A Bet9ja Agent

Even if it is armed robbery a man is going into, I’m sure he’ll like to know what he stands to benefit. Why should it be different with Bet9ja agents who are carrying out legitimate business?!

So what are those benefits? Let’s see them.

  • Commission rates based on turnover. You earn for every bet you print
  • Commissions for all on-line and mobile customers registered by your tellers
  • Zero risks or liability for winning bets, to know more read Bet9ja rules on winning ticket
  • Over 5,000 events available for the most popular sports every week
  • Over 12,000 live betting events per month
  • Leading European sports betting software
  • The constant development of new and exciting products
  • Set-up support for hardware
  • Technical support on-site and via telephone
  • On-site support from competent Bet9ja field staff
  • Free training course to prepare you and your staff for the opening of your betting shop

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How Much Do Bet9ja Pay their Agents

If you are expecting Bet9ja to pay you a salary, you miss road be that o!

No free betting sites in Nigeria pay their agents any form of stipulated regular Bet9ja payment method, in terms of wages or salary.

Your deal with Bet9ja is contract-based, let me say it in layman’s language: you are on commission.

What that means is that your turnover, that is, the total value of bets placed through your shop is what determines how much your take-home pay will be for the month. Sorry if yours is unable to take you home!

But I know agents who earn as much as ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 Naira a month – or even more.

Don’t get carried away, there are also those who earn just about ₦10,000 monthly or less.

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Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage

You must now be wondering, what is the percentage of this commission I talked about.

As a Bet9ja partner – yes, that’s what you are now, a partner, the betting company shares the money via a commissioned-based structure.

How then is bet9ja agent commission calculated?

Let me breakdown bet9ja agent commission structure for you.

  • 20% Commission (highest obtainable): On 26 to 40 betting selections
  • 18% Commission: On 21 to 25 selections
  • 16% Commission: On 14 to 20 selections
  • 14% Commission: On 11/12/13 selections
  • 12% Commission: On 9/10 selections
  • 9% Commission: On 6/7/8 selections
  • 7% Commission: On 4/5 selections
  • 5% Commission: On 3 selections
  • 2% Commission: On 2 selections
  • 1% Commission (lowest): On 1 selection

Note: The above bet9ja agent commission on virtual is exclusive to commissions on sports games’ bet placements or selections. And they are ranked from top to bottom.

Apart from the above-outlined structure, there is another notable commission structure offered by Bet9ja which is the one for racing games (virtual) betting.

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In this case, the commissions are structured in the range of 9% per stake (highest commission) to 3% per stake (lowest commission).

Are you even getting me at all?

Anyway, you do the math of all the percentage mentioned above and you’ll see how wonderful it is to be a Bet9ja agent.


Bet9ja Contacts

For further information please don’t call me, call Bet9ja on 01- 4405145 or 01-2796666 (7 days a week, 8:00 am to 21:00 pm).

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