Osimhen handicapped? 5 times Napoli players refused to pass to Nigeria striker

Osimhen handicapped? 5 times Napoli players refused to pass to Nigeria striker
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Social media is abuzz with speculation and discussion surrounding Victor Osimhen‘s role at Napoli.

Whispers on various platforms suggest a growing concern among fans — that the Nigerian might be facing challenges in connecting with his teammates on the field.

This article delves into the intriguing narrative of five instances when Napoli players seemingly hesitated to pass the ball to the Super Eagles player.

As the chatter gains momentum, we explore the potential impact on Osimhen's performance and the dynamics within the team.

Frustration as Osimhen's teammates hesitate

The recent reactions on social media surrounding the Italy Player of the Year's situation at Napoli have brought to light a complex narrative of frustration and discontent.

One user, in a tweet, highlighted the 24-year-old's selfless contributions.

“Only Victor Osimhen will fall back to assist the defenders in clearing crosses. He’ll track back to the midfield to play with the team, but when it’s time for the team to deliver the ball to him, they’ll start shooting from outside the box.”

Osimhen passing the ball to teammate
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This sentiment was echoed by another user who pointed out a specific instance.

“That pass he gave Kvara in the first half, if he was the one in that position, they’d rather run aimlessly with the ball than pass to him.”

Osimhen passing the ball to teammate
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Another user took a more decisive stance, expressing, “There's only one place for Victor Osimhen and that's Chelsea.”

The frustration culminated in a user urging the Nigerian to seek a change amid Osimhen transfer news, stating, “Victor Osimhen needs to leave this toxic Napoli team ASAP.”

Times when Napoli teammates refused to pass the ball to Osimhen

Napoli find themselves in a challenging stretch, facing three consecutive losses against formidable opponents—Real Madrid in the Champions League and Serie A rivals Inter Milan and Juventus.

The narrative takes a disheartening turn as specific instances highlight a concerning trend: teammates opting for individual plays over passing to the well-positioned Victor Osimhen.

1. Juventus clash: Missed opportunities for Osimhen

Osimhen in action against Juventus
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In the game against Juventus, the first of the three losses, a teammate chose to take a difficult shot instead of passing to the well-positioned Osimhen, marking a missed opportunity for a potential goal.

2. Frustration on display

Osimhen against Juventus
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A recurring theme emerged in the same fixture against Juventus when another teammate opted to shoot from outside the box instead of crossing to the Nigerian, leading to visible frustration from the Nigerian striker.

3. Inter Milan defeat: Missed connection

Osimhen in action
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Against Inter Milan, Napoli faced a 3-0 defeat, with a teammate failing to pass the ball to a well-positioned Osimhen.

4. Individual choices over team play

Osimhen against Inter Milan
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In a sequence of events, another player refused to pass the ball to Osimhen two times in a row, opting to take shots instead, showcasing a shift towards individual choices over cohesive team play.

5. Strategic oversight against Sommer

Osimhen against Inter Milan
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In the same game, Napoli encountered another setback as a player chose to shoot from outside the box against Yann Sommer, a goalkeeper known for his prowess in stopping shots from that range, instead of involving Osimhen in the attacking play.

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