Osimhen news: Italian journalist makes STUNNING transfer claim involving Nigerian

Osimhen news: Italian journalist makes STUNNING transfer claim involving Nigerian
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In the world of football transfers, speculations and rumors often surround top players, and Napoli's prolific striker Victor Osimhen is no exception.

In the latest Osimhen news, Sky Italy's Gianluca Di Marzio recently provided insights into the Nigerian's future, shedding light on the intricate dynamics between the player, Napoli's chairman De Laurentiis, and the burgeoning interest from European giants.

Osimhen news: Release clause dynamics

Victor Osimhen news
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Osimhen's contract renewal with Napoli marked a significant turning point in the narrative. Di Marzio highlighted the substantial salary increase negotiated during the renewal, making Osimhen one of the higher earners at the club.

However, despite the commitment displayed in the contract renewal, both parties seem to acknowledge the challenges of retaining Osimhen in Naples for an extended period.

“Both parties talked about the future, and even Napoli knows that it's difficult to keep Osimhen for another year in Naples because he received a lot of offers last year, and De Laurentiis said no,” he claimed.

The Super Eagles striker, who attracted substantial offers in the previous year, has expressed a desire for a new challenge. De Laurentiis, too, seems pragmatic about the situation, understanding the difficulty of holding onto a player with such high demand.

While the specifics of the offers remain undisclosed, Di Marzio hinted at interest from Premier League clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea, as well as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Osimhen news: “If an offer arrives for around €100-120M then they will think about it” 

Victor Osimhen news
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In Osimhen news, the crucial clause in Osimhen's contract outlines a scenario where Napoli would entertain offers in the range of €100-120 million.

“So, they agreed: if an offer arrives for around €100-120M, then they will think about it. There is a clause of €150M, so I think it will be the possibility for him to go in the summer, but with a high price,” the journalist stated.

Notably, there exists a release clause set at €150 million, emphasizing Napoli's stance on the player's market value.

Had Osimhen not extended his contract, Napoli might have had to settle for a considerably lower transfer fee.

“Napoli would have had to sell him for 50 to 70 million euros, not so much. Now that he has renewed his contract, Napoli will earn the right amount from his departure, aligning with the value of Osimhen.”

The intricacies of the negotiation suggest that Napoli is poised to capitalize on Osimhen's departure financially.

The reported stance is clear – any potential suitors must come close to, if not meet, the release clause to secure Osimhen's services.

Di Marzio dismissed the possibility of Napoli agreeing to lower offers, asserting that the valuation should align closely with the established release clause.

“I think that the offer should meet the release clause. I don't believe Napoli would sell him for 80 or less than 100 million euros,” he added.

As Osimhen contemplates his future, Premier League teams and PSG find themselves in a competitive race for his signature.

The speculated range of €130-140 million appears to be the ballpark figure that could pave the way for Osimhen's departure.

In the intricate dance of football transfers, financial considerations, player ambitions, and club strategies converge to shape the narrative.

The overarching theme remains the impending high-stakes decision for Napoli – to part ways with their prolific striker and reap the financial benefits or attempt to retain a player whose aspirations may lead him elsewhere.

The summer transfer window promises to bring clarity to this ongoing saga, with Victor Osimhen‘s future becoming one of the focal points of European football discussions.

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