Premier League All Time Highest Goal Scorer

Premier League All Time Highest Goal Scorer

I could have gone on and on with a much wider number of the premier league all time highest goal scorer but I have limited this article to ten of them.

You must surely know the EPL is one of the biggest leagues in the world with loads of football fanatics glued to their screen each time the games are on.

With 20 top clubs in England, each team plays 38 matches in a season with 19 being at home.

A total of 49 teams have participated since the tournament kicked off in 1992 and only 6 have won it so far.

Manchester United have been the most successful club with 13 titles, followed by Chelsea with five, while Arsenal and Manchester City have three.

Let’s now see who is the premier league all time highest goal scorer in history.

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Premier League Top Scorers All-Time

10. Les Ferdinand: Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United, Leicester City, Bolton Wanderers (149 goals in 351 appearances)

9. Michael Owen: Liverpool, Newcastle United, Manchester United (150 goals in 326 appearances)

8. Jermain Defoe: West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth, Sunderland (162 goals in 496 appearances*)

7. Robbie Fowler: Liverpool, Leeds United, Manchester City (163 goals in 379 appearances)

6. Thierry Henry: Arsenal (175 goals in 258 appearances)

5. Frank Lampard: West Ham United, Chelsea, Manchester City (177 goals in 609 appearances)

4. Sergio Aguero: Manchester City (180 goals in 261 appearances*)

3. Andrew Cole: Arsenal, Fulham, Newcastle, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Nottingham Forest (187 goals in 414 appearances)

2. Wayne Rooney: Everton, Manchester United (208 goals in 491 appearances*)

1. Alan Shearer: Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle (260 goals in 441 appearances)

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