Super League Has Been Suspended, See Official Statement

The Super League is now reportedly being suspended and in the process of “reshaping”, according to Fabrizio Romano.

#SuperLeague official statement: “We are reconsidering the appropriate steps, in order to reshape the project.

“We're proposing a new competition because the current one isn't working. English clubs have been forced to leave, due to outside pressure”. It’s gonna be suspended.

As the statement says all of the English clubs involved have withdrawn from the Super League proposal.

Both Inter and AC Milan are reportedly set to leave as well.

The statement blames “outside pressure” as the reason for these clubs saving face on the initial announcement.

Romano now confirms that the Super League is now looking towards a reshaping of the proposed league.

He says there has been no official word from Real Madrid or the other Spanish clubs.

While it seems like the Super League formers are still interested in creating some sort of league separate from UEFA, there’s nothing imminent that will shake the football world up as this proposal did.

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It remains to be seen if there is another proposal down the line, but for now the plans for the Super League are at a standstill.

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