It’s ‘Evident’ There’s A Problem With Man City Player In The Dressing Room – Team Captain

It’s ‘Evident’ There’s A Problem With Man City Player In The Dressing Room – Team Captain

By browsing the Chilean media every day, we know that at least twice a week we’ll find a questionable story about Claudio Bravo.

And although most of the reports come from sources close to the national team saying things don’t look very good for the Manchester City goalkeeper, it’s La Roja’s captain who talked about the matter this time.

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Gary Medel has spoken to the Chilean media about the relationship issues Claudio Bravo has with the rest of the squad. He’s asked the player to sort it all out by speaking to the teammates face to face.

“It’s evident that there are problems with Claudio in the dressing room, and if Claudio has to come, he has to talk inside and he has to speak face to face as a man,” said Gary Medel (via El Mercurio).

“He just needs to sit down and talk about the issue and solve the problem, it doesn’t have to keep going around.

“The time to speak was the first time that Reinaldo Rueda called him up and he didn’t go to the national team. We all know how big he is as a footballer.

“ It was necessary that he came when Rueda called him and everything would have been solved.

“It wouldn’t be a problem to share [the dressing room] with Bravo, if he comes he will be well accepted.

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“We aren’t friends here, it’s not necessary to be friends. I would try to talk with Claudio, the doors are always open, there is no drama.”

The Manchester City player hasn’t been added to the Copa America squad, and there was clearly a big controversy about his absence.

Even though the player said he would be okay to be on the bench, since he’s still recouping from an injury, manager Reinaldo Rueda said he didn’t call Bravo because he doesn’t deserve to be benched.

Everybody knows the actual reason is that there’s this fight with some of the La Roja players, so Rueda didn’t want any problem in the dressing room.

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But just like Medel says, the best thing for him is to go and talk to all of his teammates.

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