Victor Osimhen overtakes Ronaldo per EA Sports FC 2024 ratings leak

Victor Osimhen of SSC Napoli celebrates after scoring
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In a surprising turn of events, the football world is buzzing with excitement as a recent leak from EA Sports FC has revealed potential player ratings for the highly anticipated 2024 edition.

Among the most shocking revelations is the noteworthy ascent of Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian superstar who seems to have surpassed none other than the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of ratings.

With a leaked rating of 88, Super Eagles‘ Osimhen has reportedly overtaken Ronaldo, who holds a rating of 86 in this leaked information.

This unforeseen shift in virtual player rankings has ignited fervent discussions among fans, experts, and enthusiasts alike, prompting speculations about the evolving landscape of football talent and the potential changing of the guard in the digital realm.

As anticipation builds for the official release of the game and its confirmed ratings, this leak has undoubtedly added an intriguing layer to the ever-evolving narrative of football excellence.

Virtual Shift: Osimhen surpasses Ronaldo in leaked EA Sports FC 2024 ratings

Certainly, let's break down the comparison between Victor Osimhen's leaked ratings and Cristiano Ronaldo's leaked ratings in various attributes:


    • Osimhen: 88
    • Ronaldo: 86

Pace (PAC)

    • Osimhen: 90
    • Ronaldo: 77

Osimhen demonstrates a significant advantage in pace, possessing a quicker burst of speed compared to Ronaldo.

Shooting (SHO)

    • Osimhen: 86
    • Ronaldo: 88

Ronaldo maintains a slightly higher shooting rating, indicating his prowess in finishing and accuracy when taking shots on goal.

Passing (PAS)

    • Osimhen: 66
    • Ronaldo: 75

Ronaldo surpasses Osimhen in passing, suggesting better distribution and vision on the field.

Dribbling (DRI)

    • Osimhen: 83
    • Ronaldo: 79

Osimhen holds a higher dribbling rating, indicating his agility and skill in navigating through defenders.

Defending (DEF)

    • Osimhen: 42
    • Ronaldo: 34

Neither player is known for their defensive attributes, but Osimhen has a slightly higher defensive rating.

Physical (PHY)

    • Osimhen: 82
    • Ronaldo: 74

Osimhen boasts a stronger physical presence, which could make him more adept at holding off opponents and winning aerial duels.

In this leaked comparison, Victor emerges as the superior player in terms of pace, dribbling, and physicality. On the other hand, Cristiano maintains an edge in shooting and passing, albeit by narrow margins.

Victor Osimhen's equal-rating contemporaries spark controversy

The recent leaked player ratings for EA Sports FC 2024 have ignited debates among football aficionados, particularly concerning players who share the same overall rating as Victor Osimhen (Rating: 88).

Among these players are the likes of:

  • Endler from Olympique Lyonnais FΓ©minin
  • Valverde of Real Madrid
  • Guijarro representing Fc Barcelona FΓ©minin
  • Guro Reiten from Chelsea FΓ©minin
  • Renard of Olympique Lyonnais FΓ©minin
  • Irene Paredes also from Fc Barcelona FΓ©minin
  • Debinha of Kansas City Current
  • Alexandra Popp from VfL Wolfsburg Women
  • Bernardo Silva of Manchester City.

However, what raised eyebrows and drew consternation from football enthusiasts was the revelation that Alexandra Popp possessed a higher Physical rating (PHY: 88) than Victor Osimhen (PHY: 82).

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