Victor Osimhen tribe – Where is the striker from?

Super Eagles star Victor Osimhen on duty for Nigeria
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Victor Osimhen tribe is the focus here. It begs the question, why discuss where he is from?

Let’s stretch the discussion a bit. What makes football tick? It is the constant debates and the affiliations to players and teams. The continuous subjects that get thrown up and the comparisons are the lifeblood of football.

One of the subjects that gets discussed quite often is the nationality and tribe of a player. Of course, the successful player gets talked about more. What tribe is Cristiano Ronaldo? Where does he come from?

In Nigeria, players are not immune to this discussion, and in this piece, we’d discuss where Victor Osimhen is from. What is Victor Osimhen tribe?

Victor Osimhen tribe

Victor Osimhen tries to control the ball in a pre-season match
Credit: Icon Sport

What is Victor Osimhen tribe? It is necessary to say that Nigerian laws on citizenship are not well applied. Osimhen could claim to be from Lagos State, but it does not work that way in Nigeria.

The 24-year-old was born in Lagos and could claim it to be his state of origin, but in a country focused on the parental tribe, Osimhen is, at best, a sojourner.

Osimhen grew up in the Olusosun community in Oregun/Ojota, Lagos State, but his parents are from Edo State. They come from the Esan tribe of former Bendel State.

Osimhen is a Christian inspired by Sadio Mane. He has chosen to help disabled people in Africa.

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