Worst FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Player Revealed

We were all excited when EA Sports announced the player ratings for FIFA 19, and we all wanted to know whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo has a better overall than Lionel Messi and vice versa, but the truth is that they have the same overall for the first time ever.

Just as thrilling as it is to find out who the best footballers are on FIFA 19, it must be equally as shocking to be classed as one of the worst.

There are 14 players who have a 47 overall rating, but Pierce Phillips has the ill-fated pleasure of holding the lowest stats in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

Phillips’ stats are 52: pace, 45: dribbling, 32: shooting, 46: defending, 46: passing and 49: physical.

It's pretty bad that EA Sports has rated the Cork City midfielder's passing as good as his defending.

You might be wondering how his situation could be worse, but he has the exact same overall as he did in FIFA 18.

FIFA 19 will be on sale from September 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You can check out the complete list of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team player ratings here.

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