Victor Osimhen’s wife: Fun facts you didn’t know about Super Eagle’s partner

Victor Osimhen’s wife: Fun facts you didn’t know about Super Eagle’s partner
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In the dynamic world of professional football, athletes often find solace and support in their personal lives, and Victor Osimhen, the talented Nigerian striker, is no exception.

While his prowess on the field is well-documented, the glimpses into his life beyond the pitch are equally fascinating.

Victor Osimhen and his girlfriend, Stephanie, embarked on a new chapter of their journey on 6th October 2022, as they joyously welcomed their firstborn, a beautiful baby girl, into the world.

As the couple embraces parenthood, let's delve into some intriguing and lesser-known facets of Stephanie, the woman standing by Victor's side, adding depth to the narrative of the Super Eagle's life off the field.

Facts about Victor Osimhen's wife

Victor Osimhen with his girlfriend and daughter
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1. She was a cheerleader

Osimhen is still unmarried but has a girlfriend – Stefanie Kim Ladewig. The circumstances behind how Osimhen met his wife are still unknown, but reports suggest it was while he played for Wolfsburg.

At the time, Stefanie was a cheerleader for VFL Wolfsburg, and the pair fell in love and managed to keep their affair private until recently.

2. She is half-African

Victor Osimhen with his girlfriend after lifting the Serie A title
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Ladewig has a German father, who little is known about, but not many people know she also has African blood running through her veins. Her mother, Sarah, is from Cameroon but sadly passed away in 2018. Stefanie revealed her love for her mum with a moving eulogy, calling her a living angel.

3. Ladewig loves Afrobeats, with Davido and Asake as her favourite artistes

The African blood in Ladewig seems to dictate her taste for music. The girlfriend of Osimhen is an avowed lover of Afrobeats music. Her love for the genre saw her attend the Afro Nation Concert in Portimao, Portugal, where Davido, Asake and Fireboy performed.

She is a confessed fan of Davido and Asake.

4. Paris is her favourite destination

It is unknown if Ladewig has ever been to Africa, but the German loves Europe. Despite her love for Europe, she has stayed true to her African roots. Her base is in Italy with Osimhen, but she once revealed in one of her posts that Paris is her favourite destination.

Victor Osimhen celebrating the Serie A with his girlfriend
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5. Stefanie has a baby with Osimhen

She is two years younger than the Napoli star and has a daughter with him. The revelation became public when Osimhen brought the one-year-old child to the pitch during Napoli’s Serie A title win. The baby is named Heiley True.

6. She has never posted their relationship on social media

Osimhen has been able to keep his relationship with Stefanie private. She has not been active on social media. She recently returned to social media, where she posted pictures of herself. Her last post on Instagram was on the 12th of March, 2023, and she has 1,910 followers on the app. She is also not much active on TikTok.

Stefanie loves the privacy of her relationship with Osimhen and has never posted about it on social media.

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