How To Join A Football Club In Nigeria – A Simple Guide

How To Join A Football Club In Nigeria

If you’re thinking of how to join a football club in Nigeria and become a real international star, you are not alone!

As a matter of fact, I have had cause to advise a lot of young Nigerian men who have repeatedly asked me how to join a football club in Nigeria and are looking for ways to jump-start a professional football career.

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I know for certain that it is the kind of fame and the amount of money thrown at players like Super Eagles striker Odion Ighalo, who is the highest paid Nigerian footballer right now, which has made the football profession one of the most attractive careers in Nigeria.

Understandably, there is an abundance of raw talents in Nigeria as football is in all probability the first toy most male children get from their parents.

I receive tens of emails monthly from young intending footballers. Some even call asking for help in order to realize their football dreams.

I spend several minutes trying to counsel them on the way forward with their intended football career, and I believe this article will answer your question too on how to join a football club in Nigeria.

Before I say anything further on this topic, I hope as a player, you already understand the framework.

Every profession has its’ own workings and you are expected to understand how to go about it.

More than a few variables affect the choice of the best way to launch your football career successfully in Nigeria.

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How to join a football club in Nigeria

Here are the three basic things you need to do:

Know Thyself

To start with, you need to assess yourself on the type of player you are.

Are you a striker? What type of striker are you? False 9? Target Man? Etc.

Then work hard on your strengths till they become second nature.

Secondly, you need to create a portfolio of your videos, playing skill readily available in any form to show to whoever may be interested in you.

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Join a Football Academy

If you’re still within the ages of 13 to 18 and you need to develop your football skills properly, I’ll advise you to join a football academy.

When you join a football academy, you’ll find that you will be instructed by their qualified coaching staff who understand the rudiments of the sport.

They will help you develop professional techniques and groom your natural skills.

I hope you are aware that it is at these academies that scouts and coaches select players to the Under 16 Eaglets camp?

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Go to a Trial Camp Abroad

This idea will work for you if you have just graduated from a football school and are still within the age of 15 to 18.

You should start attending trial camps, especially the well-organized ones abroad.

If you’re able to get yourself into a trial camp, top scouts and agents will see you play and if your skills excite them, you could get admitted into one of the top flight youth teams.

What European clubs do if they find a good young player in Nigeria is they make an agreement saying that the boy will keep playing in Nigeria until he is 18.

As soon as he completes 18 he can join the European club.

Only two European clubs have their own academy in Nigeria: Barcelona (Bescola International Football School) and PSG (Carat24 Football Academy).

A few other clubs have affiliated clubs in Nigeria which includes West Ham (IfeanyiUba Football Academy), Bolton (COD FC) and Midtjylland (FC Ebiede).

So if you play in one of those affiliated clubs you will always have a scout from that European club looking at you.

Usually, those academies have frequent tests.

You can go to one of those academies, register and take a test. If they like you, they will sign you.

Doesn’t that sound great?!

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Sign Up with an Intermediary (Licensed Player’s Agent)

This is one applies to those who already play for a professional football club in the Nigerian league.

You just need to look for an Intermediary also known as a player’s licensed Agent who will represent you.

Licensed Player’s Agent could help you get invitations for trial tests with clubs abroad.

Having an already professionally filmed and edited video clips of your best performances in the Nigerian league makes it even easier.

By so doing, Agents can present your video clips to clubs and make them invite you for a trial test.

You can find a list of Licensed football player Agents and intermediaries in Nigeria here.

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If you do know any other way(s) regarding how to join a football club in Nigeria kindly share it in the comment section so others might know.

This article was most recently revised and updated 2 years ago

Greg is a Sports content writer. He has many years of experience in Sports Writing. He was a writer for Opera News and is Editor-in-Chief at GoalBall.


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