Why Footballers Marry Models In Nigeria – See Top Six Critical Reasons

Who no like better thing? Even footballers like good things. In a nutshell, that explains why footballers marry models in Nigeria – as well anywhere else in the world. Ask Cristiano Ronaldo, he'll confirm what I'm saying.

And here in Nigeria, Kanu Nwankwo, Joseph Yobo, Emmanuel Emenike, Kalu Uche, John Ogu, Yakubu Aiyegbeni, Vincent Enyeama, and Ahmed Musa are among the few soccer stars who married models in Nigeria – some are former MBGNs.

You can see them all and their model spouses here.

Let's me now reveal true reasons why footballers marry models in Nigeria.

Why Footballers Marry Models In Nigeria


Footballer or not, every man wants a beautiful woman they can hold and call their own.

And this is the case with footballers who, as they achieve success and fame, begin to raise the bar, looking for flawless women to share their life with and most times end up with models.

This is not to say models are the only beautiful ones, but football guys barely have the time to go around searching for beauties from humble beginnings.

They just try to get the available ones, and even if you may disagree, models fit the bill. They are pretty, fit, famous, and wealthy.

There is barely more a man can ask for.


Don't take this the wrong way, but it is only natural for rich people to meet each other more than rich meeting the poor, and this is the case with footballers and their model.

Models lead exotic lifestyles and show up at the best places to keep the media fed and their fans hooked.

Funny enough, really rich footballers also have access to these places, and this is how most footballers get to meet models, feel something, start dating, and next thing, the wedding bells are ringing.


Footballers are majorly rich, and even the average top-flight player has a couple of million dollars stacked up.

Apparently with several million dollars to their name, coupled with the fame, style and on-field skills, footballers pretty much become model in their own right and feel they have all the requirements to afford one and all the expenses that comes with it.

And they clearly succeed most times.

Models have taste, and there is an ongoing tradition in their world to marry the best athlete or any athlete at all, and footballers top the list.

So more often than not, they accept the guys and simply get on with it.


Okay, this may sound like the opposite of number three above, and it is expected to be.

No two footballers are the same.

While some may marry models because they can afford their expenses, others would get into a union because they feel models are already wealthy and won't pester them for finances.

This actually turns out well as some models really do not depend on their wealthy husbands for everything and even own their own clothing lines (models best business).

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 So many footballers marry models not because of love but because they are vain and immature.

They see models as another addition to their list of luxury accessories and jewels. They love the paparazzi and simply feel the need and obligation to get the best girl to proves they are real men.


Footballers are very busy, and they know marrying a woman that spends her days at home may spell trouble and ugly incidences like cheating.

To avoid this, they prefer to instead stick with women who have a busy schedule themselves, and models are just the perfect option at that point, so it Is not surprising that both end up with each other a lot.

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Those are all the major reasons why footballers marry models in Nigeria. But do you think these reasons are justified and good enough for such decisions? Let's have your say in the comment box.

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