Richest Football Club Owners In The World – The Top 10

So who are the top ten richest football club owners in the world currently?

I'm not talking about st the Premier League in England, or the Serie A in Italy, I'm talking generally about clubs all over the world!

Soccer as we now know it is a very big and lucrative business hence the need to evaluate the wealth of the various football presidents or owners.

In this article, you will see the number of clubs these owners have and the source(s) of their money.

Let me now outline the top ten richest football club owners in the world below:

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Top Ten Richest Football Club Owners In The World



Club: Atlanta United FC

League: MLS

Net Worth: $6.2 billion

Source of wealth: Home Depot

Arthur Blank is one of the wealthiest club owners globally and has been known to be heavily involved in home improvement retailer supplies with its home supply chain store, The Home Depot.

Blank made most of his fortune with his home supplies company and purchased Atlanta sports brands the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United to expand his business Portfolio.

Based on his Forbes ratings, Blank is estimated to have a net worth of $6.2 billion.

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Club: FC Monaco

League: Ligue One

Net Worth: $6.7 billion

Source of wealth: Potash company

Dmitry Rybolovlev has likely been in the media than others in this list when it comes to controversy.

The Russian business gained popularity in Russia after founding his multi-billion-dollar Potash plant Uralkali.

The company is known to be one of the world's biggest producers of potash for fertilizer production.  

He developed an interest in FCMonaco and bought the club for €1 in 2011 after relocating to the city.

However, the amount was symbolic as he pledged to invest at least €100 million into growing the club in the next four years.

His investment in the club made him 66% owner of the cub, with the other 34% going to the Monaco Royal family.

The 55-year-old is currently the president of Monaco and has been the head since purchasing the club after accruing two-third of the club shares.

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Richest Football Club Owners In The World

Club: New England Revolution FC

League: MLS

Net Worth: $6.9 billion

Source of wealth: New England Patriots

Robert Kraft's success as a sports billionaire is largely attributed to his NFL franchise, the New England Patriots.

The franchise has the highest number of super bowls, with all seven won within fifteen years after they miraculously drafted NFL legend Tom Brady in 2002.

Following his success with his Football Franchise, kraft followed up his interest in sports by purchasing the New England Revolution's MLS brand.

Kraft is currently estimated to have a total net worth of $6.9.

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Richest Football Club Owners In The World

Clubs: ACF Fiorentina, New York Cosmos

League: Serie A

Net Worth: $7.2 billion

Source of wealth: Telecom

Rocco Commisso is one of the new generational club owners after purchasing Serie A club Fiorentina in 2019.

His move to the cub was seen as a welcome development by the fans due to the belief that the Italian American would inject finances into the club depleting club.

Commissowhose fortune didn't come with the purchase of Fiorentina, had majorly made most of his $7.2 billion net Worth in telecommunication.

The business magnate is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of cable television giant Mediacom.

The firm is the fifth-largest cable television firm in America.

Commisso first delved into sports when he secured ownership of New York Cosmos, a football in New York in 2017.

He Became the owner of AFC Fiorentina in 2019 after securing 98% of the cub shares.

According to Forbes, he is currently estimated to have a net worth of$7.2 billion.

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Richest Football Club Owners In The World

Club:  Arsenal

League: English Premier League

Net Worth: $8.2 Billion

Source of Wealth: Sports, Real Estate

Arsenal Football Club is not an unpopular name in the world of football, and so is its owner, the famous Stanley Kroenke, whose name has been in the media for the past couple of years with aggrieved Gunners fans calling him out.

While the American is mostly known for his ownership of Arsenal Football Club, he also owns different sports brands in the NFL, NBA, NHL, NLL.

These brands include teams such as Los Angeles Rams, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Mammoth, Los Angeles Gladiators, and Los Angeles Guerrillas.

All of his sports teams are established under his holding company Kroenke Sports and Entertainment.

Apart from his involvement in sports, Kroenke is also active in Real estate and has amassed a lot of fortune from that area as well.

According to Forbes, He has a net worth of $8.2 billion.

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Richest Football Club Owners In The World


League: MLS

Net Worth: $10.1 Billion

Source of Wealth: Investments

Phillip Anschutz is an 81-year-old American businessman and the most influential name of Anschutz Entertainment Group, a sport and music brand that controls the largest number of sports teams by a single organization.

Anschutz, while he has shares in various clubs and sports brands under the group, he is the major controller of the shares of MLS football club, LA Galaxy.

This makes him the owner of the MLS powerhouse, though his ownership is underlined under AEG.

Anschutz is one of the wealthiest football club owners in the world, but his fortune is not solely from LA galaxy as he is a major businessman who owns and control a vast number of companies in different industries that includes railroads, energy, sports, real estate, movies, theatres, newspapers, and music.

According to Forbes 2021 estimates, he has a net worth of $10.1 billion and has been involved in charitable causes accumulating up to millions of dollars.

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Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich


League: English Premier League


Source of Wealth: Steel, Investments

If there is a sole individual in the football world that holds so much power both politically and in terms of wealth, it is Chelsea football club's long-time owner, Roman Abramovich.

Popularly described as an oligarch by his critics, Abramovich is one of the most powerful people in Russia and an influential figure in England.

Before purchasing Chelsea football club, Abramovich founded the investment company Millhouse LLC, a private investment company that has been known to invest heavily in steel.

After that, Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club, and the move made him extremely popular outside Russia.

Since taking over the Club, Abramovich has been known for his result-oriented approach, and this has been clearly highlighted with how easily he changes the club head coach and managers.

The move has clearly paid off as Chelsea has been the most successful English Club for the past decade, with their recent trophy coming the last season after winning the UEFA Champions League.

According to Forbes, Abramovich has a total net worth of $12.9 billion, making him the eleventh wealthiest man in Russia and the second wealthiest man in Isreal.    

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cousin of manchester city owner


Leagues: English Premier League

Net Worth: $23.6 billion

Source of wealth: Abu Dhabi Royal Family

While Manchester City has a couple of its shares spread among its parent company, City Football Group, with the Holding company owning 13.79%, the majority of the shares has been secured by Sheik Mansour, a prince of the UAE and from the Abu Dhabi royal line.

While Sheik Mansour has an individual net worth estimated at $23.6 billion, he has access to a family fortune of over $1 billion and is football's wealthiest owner if calculated based on inheritance.

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Richest Football Club Owners In The World

Clubs: New York Red Bulls and Other Football Clubs

Leagues: MLS, Bundesliga and the Brazil Série A.

Net Worth: $26.9 billion

Source of wealth: Red Bull GMBH

In the world of football, there is barely any individual that has been heavily involved in football clubs other than Dietrich Mateschitz.

The Australian business magnate has more than three clubs associated with his name through his ever-popular Red Bull brand.

The 77-year-old gain international recognition when he co-founded the Red Bull GMBH, with the brand's first product being its signature Red Bull energy drink.

The first attempt to diversify into sports was sponsoring the formula one, from which he rebranded some popular racing teams such as Jaguar and the Minardi team.

Mateschitz quickly diversified into football by buying already established football clubs and rebrand them with the Red Bull logo.

Red Bull has several clubs in major Leagues such as The Bundesliga, Brazil Serie A, and MLS.

The clubs include New York Red Bulls, New York Red Bulls II, FC Red Bull Salzburg, FC Liefering, RB Leipzig, and Red Bull Brazil.

With an estimated Net worth of $26.9 billion, Mateschitz is the second wealthiest club owner in the world and the 40th wealthiest individual globally.

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Richest Football Club Owners In The World

Club: Stade Rennais FC

League: Ligue 1

Net Worth: $49.5billion

Source of Wealth: Luxury Goods

When talking about the football club that would have the wealthiest owner, not many people would have bet that Stade Rennais would be that club.

However, that is the reality, and the man that makes it to the spotlight is Francois Pinault, the founder and chairman of luxury group Kering and investment company Artémis.

With a Net worth of $49.5 billion, the 84-year-old has been the wealthiest football club owner for more than a decade, and he seems set to hold to that spot for a long time.

While StadeRennais FC is stated to be owned by Artemis, a deep look into the company investment portfolio revealed François Pinault to be the sole controller of the shares coming from the club which he bought under his name and that of his family.

In its own right, the club is one of the pioneer clubs in Ligue 1, which is the top division of French football, and was one of the major football clubs that gave birth to the league.

However, despite its rich history, which cut deep into the '40s, the club has never clinched the league title.

The club's highest position has been the third, a feat they reached in the 2019/2021 season.

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Those are the top ten richest football club owners in the world right now. Agree? Disagree? Have your say in the comment box below.

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