Top 5 Easiest Football Bets To Win In Nigeria

If you want to make millions betting, then you need to read my top 5 easiest football bets to win in Nigeria.

Not knowing the basics of soccer bet winning formula will simply cost you losing your hard-earned money needlessly.

I have written this article to help out newbies mostly; but if you've been in the betting business for some time and still want to read what I've got to say, you're welcome.

Let's now see the top 5 easiest football bets to win, not just in Nigeria, but everywhere else in the world.

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Top 5 Easiest Football Bets To Win

1. Goal-Goal/Both Teams To Score (Btts)


You will not always be certain to stake a goal-goal bet for all games, but there are certain games that offer a higher probability of goal-goal playing, and those games are the ones to pounce on.

Goal-goal or Both teams to score is one of the most winning odds in football as well as the most popular bets that punters put their money on and have enjoyed immense success.

The reason for such success is not really tied to expertise or to being a pro of the game.

Instead, it is more of a punter's ability to watch the tide and speculate games with higher team goal-scoring tendencies.

This means that some games will produce a higher possibility of between the two teams involved than others, and a punter should know these games to enjoy a better and easy reward.

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Matches That Will Likely Play Btts

Games that will likely end up with both teams scoring are those with a greater sense of purpose than just a win, especially when the motives are psychological.

Derby matches

Whether it is the Madrid derby or EPL Manchester derby, once you have a derby day in matchday, you should start thinking of betting a goal-goal.

Derbies do not know the principles of underdogs and favorites, as even the timidest teams are always poised to impress in derbies.

Favorite Vs. Team With A Reputation To Cause An Upset

Imagine Manchester City vs. Leeds FC.

Manchester City will always be the favorite to win, but Leeds will always be likely to score and maybe even hit first.

So if you are looking to win a BTTS bookie, then you should consider placing your bet on games where top dogs are set to take on giant slayers.

Bragging Rights

There is no doubt about how crazy it can be during El Classico matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid or the English league top six coming against each other.

These games are high priority games to bet BTTS.

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2. Double Chance Bet

A double chance bet is more like the safer alternative to picking a straight win. A typical football game has 3 outcomes: win, draw or lose.

Usually, picking any of these options for either the home team (usually represented by 1) or the away team (usually represented by 2) will leave you open to losing from the other two possibilities.

The Double chance option instead reduces these risks by making you a winner of two of the three possibilities.

While a straight bet on a match outcome has the three-bet option:

  • 1: Home team wins,    
  • X: draw,         
  • 2: away team win,

A double chance bet has the following option:

1X: Home team wins or draw  

12: the match outcome must end in a win with no consideration to whether the home or away team are the winners

X2: away team wins or draw

If you pick 1X as a double chance bet, you will win if the home team ends up winning or the match ends in a draw. If the away team wins, then the bet is lost.

X2 is the opposite of 1X, while 12 means that there must be a winner with no specifics on the team to win.

Matches That Will Likely End With A Double Chance

Favorite vs. Underdog

You can stake a win or draw market in favor of a favorite and be almost 98% sure of cashing out. However, you should note that there is always a possibility for an upset.

Defensive Minded Teams

A double chance bet works perfectly for games featuring defended-minded teams. You can play 1X or X2 to have a chance of winning.

Attacking Minded Teams

A 12 double chance bet is the most likely option to go for games featuring two attacking-minded teams.

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3. Over/Under Goals


Another easy bet to book and win is the option of over/under goals market.

This market is a very popular one among punters and depends on predicting how many goals will be scored in a match.

If you believe that the total number of goals both teams in a game will score would not be more than 4 goals, then you can stake under 4.5 goals.

If you think that a match will produce up to or over 3 goals, then staking over 2.5 and above would be a great option.

The 2.5 goal margin is the most popular goal range whether you are staking over the margin or under it.

Matches That Will Likely Play Over/Under Goals

Matches featuring teams with higher attacking tendencies can be a great choice to stake over 2.5 goals.

You can reverse the role by staking under 4.5 goals if the team playing will likely not score much.

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4. Minutes To Score

This bet is based on pure intuition and having a good knowledge of the teams involved.

Once you are able to get this right, then you are good to go……at least for most of the games.

There are usually options: score before 10 minutes, score before 15 minutes, score to 20 minutes, and score to 45 minutes.

Matches That Will Likely End With A Double Chance

Minutes to score bets are highly based on the teams playing.

For example, a high-scoring team, like Liverpool Football Club, will likely score between the first 30 minutes when playing against a team as Leeds United with a porous defense.

This, therefore, puts a punter in a good chance to bet Liverpool to score before 30 minutes.

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5. Half Time Bets (Win To Lose Outcomes, Over/Under Goals)

Half-time bets are usually fast-paced and are usually on getting results within 45 minutes instead of the normal 90 minutes. 

Half-time bets include almost all markets that you can access in full time, such as determining which team wins a half, if it would end in a draw or if any of the team are more likely to have a double chance (half-time 1X or X2).

Another option to consider is the over-under/under goals bets.

Most games will almost never go above four goals in the first half, making an under 4.5 goals bet more realistic and achievable compared to the full match outcome.

The thing about these types of bets is that they provide a greater chance of them happening compared to the outcome of the full 90 minutes.

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If you intend to bet successfully, then you just have to follow those top 5 easiest football bets to win.

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